MuggleNet Book Reviewed by New York Times

This Sunday’s edition of the New York Times will feature a review of’s What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7:

The authors of “What Will Happen” run, a delightfully thorough and fanciful Web site devoted to all aspects of the world of Harry Potter. Though they self-deprecatingly call themselves Muggles – a Muggle is a person without the powers of a wizard – the authors of this rapt little volume appear to have magically transported every bit of information in the Potter epic into their own lively, teeming brains. They are as adept at parsing plot details as they are at anatomizing the characters’ motives and predicting their next steps. The founder of – established when he was 12 – even has a name right out of Hogwarts: Emerson Spartz. Spartz and his colleagues apply themselves to every question and conundrum that Rowling (or J.K.R., as they affectionately refer to her) has created and thus far left unresolved.

You can read the full review online now and expect to find it in print this Sunday. There is also a small article on the online fandom (including a blurb about MuggleCast) that will accompany the review at this link. Interested in purchasing your own copy of the book? Click here!