Cafe where JKR penned Potter up for sale again

Long-time Potter fans may remember that Nicholson's Cafe in Edinburgh was where JK Rowling spent time writing some parts of Philosopher's Stone while baby Jessica slept beside her. A few years ago it was turned into a Chinese Restaurant, but as of recently, it is now up for sale again. The Scotsman reports:

He has already offered the building to Merchiston-based Ms Rowling for £1 million – an offer which was politely declined.

Mr Ng said: “I saw an article about a house where Bruce Lee lived in Hong Kong that was donated to the local council to turn into a museum. That sparked an idea to turn this place into a museum.

“We were thinking of selling to JK Rowling first because we think something should be done to mark the fact she wrote the book here.”

Read the full story right here.

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