Cafe where JK Rowling first penned Potter reopens

Here's some great, bittersweet news. The cafe where JK Rowling started writing the Harry Potter books – with baby daughter Jessica by her side – has reopened. The cafe had closed and turned into a chinese buffet a few years ago, but a new owner has changed it back:

Owner Moira McFarlane, 42, says she’s more than happy for customers to escape the cold and spend the whole day reading, writing or chatting with friends.

She said: “It’s a big space, so we need to make it cosy – we will welcome people to come along and sit all day – and write books if they like. ”The businesswoman, who already owns the Spoon Cafe in Old Town and runs the Storytelling Centre coffee bar on the Royal Mile, says the cafe is unlike any other.

Read more, including the owner's thoughts on the cafe's popularity thanks to JK Rowling, at this link. I want to visit! Don't you?