J.K. Rowling would love a Wizarding World theme park in the United Kingdom

You may remember last year we heard from London Mayor Boris Johnson, who couldn’t understand why they put a Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida before his home country.

While J.K. Rowling does not have as strong an opinion as the Mayor, last night she briefly told Digital Spy she’d love to see one in the United Kingdom:

Asked if she would like a similar park to be built in the UK, Rowling told the PA:

“I’m smiling because I sat next to Boris Johnson at a dinner not long ago and he took issue with that also. I will be completely candid and say I think the Florida climate is more conducive to it, although it is a little surreal because it’s snowy.”

However, she added:

“If they could do it as well as they have in Florida I would love that.”