Recipe of the Week: Non-Alcoholic Firewhisky

Firewhisky is a strong sensational drink enjoyed in good times and in bad in the wizarding world. Witches and wizards must be of age in order to celebrate with it in the Hog’s Head. Many toasts throughout the series, from weddings to memorials, included firewhisky. A particularly emotional example was when everyone but Alastor “Made-Eye” Moody arrived at the Burrow after leaving Privet Drive. The remaining Order members toasted in Moody’s honor.

Some say the burning sensation experienced following a swig of firewhisky is an amplified amount of courage filling one’s body. Whether this is just a tale or not can not be proven; however, we can prove that a non-alcoholic version of firewhisky is one tasty treat.

Madam Rosmerta is happy to add a version of firewhisky to her growing recipe box. Do you have your own Harry Potter recipe? Any Weasley Wizard Wheezes Skiving Snackbox or how about a Valentine recipe you’d like to share? Please be sure to follow the recipe guidelines.