Art Direction Oscar for “Harry Potter” is discussed by Encore’s World of Film & TV

Encore’s World of Film & TV discuss the nominees for Art Direction as the 84th Academy Awards approach. This year the biggest night in Hollywood is also Potter’s last chance to rightfully claim an Oscar.

Staurt Craig and Stephenie McMillan together brought our beloved world to life throughout the eight films. The magic which was captured by these visionaries goes without saying. But will the Academy agree?

According to Encore’s World of Film & TV, Potter receiving proper recognition could go either way:

“The scenes outside of the magical realm have as much attention to detail as those in the Hogwarts’ castle, and after working on eight of these perhaps voters might want to give the series a goodbye wave? It’s unlikely considering the strong competition, but it would not be unlikely.”

As we told you here, the series has been downplayed and if any Oscars are won this month it will be the series’ first. It’s nomination in three categories for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be their last chance for Hollywood recognition.

The recognition and loyalty Harry Potter receives from its’ fans will always be evident in the years to come. Although, we all will be watchful as the eve of the Oscars draws near.