The Anne Rowling Clinic at Edinburgh University is now open – Jo “moved and elated”

As we previously reported, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling had donated ten million GBP to Edinburgh University in order to help open a research clinic for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the disease that took the life of her mother, Anne, in 1990 at the tender age of 45. Ms. Rowling has spoken before of how her beloved mother’s struggle with multiple sclerosis (MS) impacted her life and influenced the Harry Potter series.

Now, as per a recent article, the building is open for business and operating wonderfully. According to Rowling,

I am moved and elated to see the Anne Rowling Clinic formally opened today by HRH The Princess Royal. Having observed the plans for the clinic develop and expand to fulfil the needs of patients, clinicians and researchers, I am now very proud to see the building finished and operating as the beating heart of this centre for excellence. It’s always a pleasure to see developments happening because this is a particular area of interest, as far as I’m concerned.
To be able to come (to the university) every now and again and really see what I consider to be step changes happening in an area [that] I think, to a degree, has been slightly below the horizon in the past is a huge encouragement.
It’s a huge encouragement for people like us, but I hope it’s more encouraging to those who are patients now, for whom it is very much part of their work. It’s their involvement [that] is making those step changes possible.

To find out more information about the clinic and the research being performed at Edinburgh University, head over to the Anne Rowling Clinic website RIGHT HERE!

Alison Siggard

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