Recipe of the Week: Cauldron Cake Pops

Our next featured recipe from Rosmerta’s Recipes comes from YouTube baking sensation Rosanna Pansino. Her cauldron cake pops are incredibly detailed (down to the bubbling effect and frosted sizzling flames) and make an excellent addition to any menu needing some Harry Potter flair!

Rosanna herself was inspired to create these cake pops after receiving multiple requests from her loyal gathering on her YouTube channel. As we mentioned before, this treat is quite detailed giving it a close resemblance to an actual bubbling cauldron. Yet it remains an easy to follow recipe and uses ingredients that are inexpensive and widely accessible.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy and want to jump ahead to eating it right away, we found that skipping the décor and simply dipping the finished pops in melted chocolate is quick and delicious. Plus, the completed cauldron cake pops can be wrapped and refrigerated making them great little favors to send home with any guests.

Thanks for the recipe Rosanna! Be sure to check out Rosmerta’s Recipes for this and many other Potter-inspired treats. Don’t forget that anyone is welcome to submit a recipe to us. Happy tasting!