Recipe of the Week: Buckeye Cheeseball

This week’s featured Rosmerta’s Recipes submission is the decadent buckeye cheeseball courtesy of Tina over at Sugar Bean Bakers. Tina is a Harry Potter superfan who frequently blogs about her various television- and literature-inspired desserts. For this particular recipe, Tina was inspired while playing the Potter video games.

I first thought of Florean Fortescue and the sundaes he gave Harry. However, strawberry and peanut butter do not sound like the best combo. Strawberry and chocolate, though? Yes. All yes.

We certainly agree! This simple, hassle-free recipe makes for fantastic late-night snacking or an accompaniment to any movie or television binge-watching. Coupled with the minimal cleanup required and the dessert’s ability to be preprepared for extensive periods, it makes a great addition to any meal or event where time is not necessarily on your side. We’ve also found that the recipe in itself serves as a tasty base to get creative and try a combination of delicious toppings. It is quite a flexible treat.

We would like to thank Tina for providing us with this week’s dessert. We, of course, encourage all our readers to submit any Potter-inspired recipe they think will be a gastronomical hit with fellow fans. Until the next time, happy tasting!


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