MuggleNet Launches Potter DIY Section, Every Potterhead’s Dream Tutorials

With less than two weeks to go until it’s time for students to board the Hogwarts Express for the upcoming school year, now is the time to gather your materials. But before you pack that trunk, you may want to include some items that you didn’t bring with you last year.

DIY projects have been a huge phenomenon for years. However, websites with Harry Potter DIYs have always been scarce, until now. Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to our brand-new Potter DIY section!

Our tutorials are separated into four categories: crafts, cosplay, holiday, and food. We already have nine brand-new DIYs in the first three categories for you to explore and create, and the fourth category links to the well-known Rosmerta’s Recipes section in case you are in the mood to do a fun project that will also taste delicious!

Now, we know that all these projects look so amazing that you’ll want to drop everything and create them yourself, but we also want to know of any DIY projects that you’ve created in the past! We know that you Potterheads are very creative, and we want to feature your DIYs on our page as well. To give your project a chance to be added to our Potter DIY section, check out the submission instructions on the landing page.

Go ahead and discover all the fan- and MuggleNet staff-created tutorials, and keep an eye out for new DIY projects coming soon!


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