J.K. Rowling tweets about her publishing experience

For writers, publishing can be a very difficult obstacle to overcome, and even J.K. Rowling has had her setbacks. Yesterday, March 23, Rowling answered some questions about the publishing process and her setbacks on Twitter.

One obstacle many aspiring writers will face is finding an agent, and Rowling experienced this problem herself. For those who are not familiar with the publishing process, an agent is the middleman between the author and publisher. An agent is there to get the best deal for the author and guide them in the publishing process. One fan tweeted about her feeling of nervousness while sending messages to agents. In response, Rowling discussed what happened to her in the beginning of her quest to find an agent.


A question that came up later in the Twitter discussion is one that many writers will face: the rejection letter.  

As many of us know, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was rejected many times – by 12 publishers, to be exact. Rowling is no stranger to rejection, but her success proves that perseverance can overcome all!

Have you been inspired to write because of J.K. Rowling? Have Rowling’s words helped you to keep trying to publish your own works? Comment below and tell us!

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