Oliver Phelps Visits Gloucestershire Young Carers

Oliver Phelps, our very own George Weasley, recently stopped by Gloucestershire Young Carers to speak with some of the caretakers and help film a video that will be used to raise awareness of young caretakers and the issues they face.

Phelps also shared secrets from behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films such as the filming of Quidditch scenes and how he got into costume as George Weasley.

The video Phelps filmed was for the “Aware They Care” schools video by a team at the University of Gloucestershire. The video will be shown in assemblies and tutor groups across the county and will encourage young caretakers to speak up about issues they may be having in school.

The interview with Phelps will appear in the January edition of We Care, We Count in the feature “Young Carers Meet…”

You can read the full article here.