How Stephen Fry Learned Not to Question Rowling’s Writing

Many Harry Potter fans have come to enjoy the series (either for their first time or in subsequent rereads) through the audio versions. Of course, the British editions of the books were read by Stephen Fry, the celebrated actor. However, we’ve recently learned that J.K. Rowling might be better referred to as “J.K. Trolling” for Fry! According to a Tumblr user who saw Fry at a stand-up comedy show recently, Fry ran into a bit of trouble while recording the audio for the books. The account claims that he was a bit condescending when he was asked to record the audio for the first book, and Rowling told him that she was writing a sequel. By the time he was recording Prisoner of Azkaban, he came across the line “Harry pocketed it” and found that he had trouble saying it clearly. Fry called JKR to see if he could change the line for the book, and she declined.

And then, she wrote the line in each of the next four books, all of which Fry had to record.

It the account is true, this a either a humorous coincidence, or Rowling has quite the pointed payback!

Have you heard this line in the audiobooks? Is it as funny as this anecdote makes it sound? Let us know!