From Creatures and Goblins to a Real Boy: Nick Dudman Joins New “Pinocchio”

It’s a stunning feature of all eight Harry Potter films: the incredibly lifelike creatures and makeup effects that made such characters as Griphook the goblin utterly lifelike. Headed by the superb Nick Dudman, whose work also includes franchises such as Star WarsIndiana Jones, and the TV series Penny Dreadful, the incredible prosthetics and makeup effects build a world that is unlike any other. Now, Dudman is taking his talents to a new classic story: Pinocchio!

Dudman has joined Italian director Matteo Garrone’s new live-action Pinocchio, which will begin production in 2018. In fact, Garrone was so eager to include Dudman on the project that he delayed beginning production for a whole year! “I consider myself lucky to collaborate with an artist whose talent and skills are complemented by great humbleness and devotion to his work,” Garrone said.

This new project seems to be an exciting one for Dudman too. The Italian-language adaptation of the familiar story will be “quintessentially Italian” and something different than we’ve seen before.

They are doing something very different from previous versions. It’s very dark.

We can’t wait to see how Dudman will pull us into new, darker versions of characters in this new film! What kinds of spectacular effects do you think he will create? Let us know below!

Alison Siggard

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