MacArthur 100&Change Competition Names Lumos Finalist

Lumos has accomplished so much in the last 12 years since its formation by J.K. Rowling. The charity works closely with government entities and communities to better conditions for those who are less fortunate, including improving access to health, education, and social care.

It’s no wonder, then, that Lumos has been named a finalist in the MacArthur 100&Change Competition. The MacArthur Foundation supports people and institutions in building a more peaceful world by working toward solutions to problems such as over-incarceration, global climate change, and nuclear risk. The 100&Change Competition invites proposals on how to realistically gain positive progress toward achieving a solution to current problems in the world. This year, over 1,900 proposals were submitted, and of those 1,900, only 801 passed the initial review.

Lumos and its partners, Catholic Relief Services and Maestral International, have been chosen as finalists, alongside HarvestPlusRice 360° Institute for Global Health, and Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee.

Lumos’s platform is to reunite the estimated eight million children in orphanages with their families, or alternatively, place them in positive family-like settings, as well as transforming existing orphanages into family support services and move money now going to orphanages toward helping families and caregivers care for their children.

The competition involves answering public questions on a weekly online series that will be hosted by MacArthur, which will start on September 29. Then, the finalists move to present their proposals to the board during a livestream event on December 11.

If chosen, Lumos would receive up to $100 million over the next six years to help achieve its goals.

It’s great to see Lumos’s incredible efforts pay off. Good luck to them in the upcoming decision process!