Zoë Kravitz: Leta Lestrange “Not Just a Bad Girl”

After this week’s Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald trailer drop, we are fully hyped up for this film! To help feed our excitement, we’re starting to hear small tidbits about what is to come. One of the things we are most curious about is Leta Lestrange, Newt Scamander’s onetime friend and now Theseus Scamander’s fiancée.

Actress Zoë Kravitz, who plays the character in the films, is excited about the larger role and about Leta, calling her “layered and interesting.”

She’s not just a bad girl, she’s just had a really complicated past and been misunderstood…I think the Lestranges as a family are just misunderstood people, so it was a really wonderful thing to get to delve into that. And it’s going to be incredible. The story and the magic is just extraordinary.

This seems to hint that Leta will, in some way, not only be some sort of antagonist to our main characters in this sequel but also have a backstory worth probing. What could this misunderstanding about the Lestrange family be? Will it cause them to support Grindelwald and his plan to expose wizards to Muggles? And what might this have to do with the supposed family tree that connects Leta and Credence?

It seems we will have to wait until November for definite answers to these questions. But until then, we can hope for more interviews (and trailers!) to clear some of these things up – or not.

Alison Siggard

Alison is a Gryffinpuff and probably what Hermione Granger would be like in real life, from bossiness to reliance on books to bushy brown hair. She is a teacher, writer, traveler, and a lover of all kinds of stories and storytelling. She is MuggleNet's staff coordinator and a host on Alohomora!

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