Jude Law Discusses Dumbledore’s Wand in “Crimes of Grindelwald”

Before he had the Elder Wand, Albus Dumbledore had a wand of his own, of course! Actor Jude Law discussed Albus Dumbledore’s wand in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in a recent exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming film. We know that Dumbledore won’t be teaching Transfiguration yet, and we also have some idea of what we can expect from Law’s portrayal of Dumbledore… but what can we learn about his wand?

Hinting that fans will see a lot more from Dumbledore than ever before, Law hesitated to say his favorite spell to cast. That is, Law explained, because he only casts one.

Well … I ah … I only get to cast one. There’s a lot you don’t know about Albus in this film. And there are certain restrictions in storytelling — you’ll see, it all makes sense. You don’t see him in full flow yet.

Could we get to see a darker side of Dumbledore? The younger Newt Scamander looks intimidated in one still we’ve seen from the film. There are plenty of spells in the magical world, but the fact that Law remained so silent about which one he got to cast as Dumbledore suggests that it holds plot significance.

When Entertainment Weekly checked to make sure that Dumbledore doesn’t have the Elder Wand yet in the film’s timeline, however, Law was open about the wand that viewers will see Dumbledore wield.

Albus doesn’t have the Elder Wand yet, no. I [as Dumbledore] have a wand. It’s very reflective of him, beautiful dark wood root with a stone on one end.

Based on Law’s description, Dumbledore’s wand might be visually similar to some of the other wands we’ve seen from the Fantastic Beasts characters. (Seraphina Picquery’s wand also has a stone on the end of its handle, for example.) As for how Dumbledore’s wand is “very reflective” of Dumbledore as a character, we have a feeling that we’ll have to wait to see for ourselves!

What do you hope that Dumbledore’s wand will look like? Do you think that we might catch a glimpse of it at San Diego Comic-Con? How do you think the younger Dumbledore will be different from the headmaster we’ve seen before? We’re sure we’ll know when Crimes of Grindelwald is released this November, but now is the time to speculate with us in the comments below!

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