Oliver Phelps Makes Stage Debut in “The Case of the Frightened Lady”

Oliver Phelps (George Weasley) has made his theatrical debut in the UK touring production of The Case of the Frightened Lady. A classic murder mystery tale, the play is set in 1930s England and sees Oliver take on the character of Detective Sergeant Totti, who plays a role in uncovering the secrets of the mysterious Lebanon family.

In an interview with the East Anglian Daily Times, Oliver spoke about his first stage role, his Potter past, and whether or not he sees more theater in his future.

Anyone would be nervous for their theatrical debut, but luckily for Oliver, he has found a supportive castmate in Gary O’Brien, who plays Detective Sergeant Totti’s superior, Inspector Tanner.

He’s been really good with me because it’s my first stage show. These guys are masters of their craft and it’s been very much a case of trying to do as well as they’re doing.

Like any good murder mystery story, The Case of the Frightened Lady keeps the audience guessing until the very end. One particular moment at the end of the first act conjures up a number of different theories from those who have come to enjoy the show.

There’s a nice little bombshell at the end of the first act, which is quite good because when the curtain comes down I’m on stage and you just hear everyone go ‘oh’ and with people referring with each other. I stand behind the curtain and listen to people’s theories. Sometimes they’re a bit blind-sided, considering I play a police officer I did hear someone say ‘I reckon it’s the tall one’.

That would certainly be a change to a classic whodunnit story! Speaking of audiences, a number of Potterheads have already shown support for the play and have seen Oliver in action at some of the previous dates in the UK.

Afterwards at the stage door, I’ve met some people who are big Potter fans. We were in York the other week and two girls had flown from Austria to watch the show. In Malvern there were three girls, two were from Germany and one was from the Czech Republic.

Luckily for fans, he doesn’t ignore his Potter past and appreciates the hundreds of fans who continue to follow his work.

They’re big fans of Harry Potter and myself through it and they wanted to come to see something different. I don’t shy away from the fact I was in that. It was such a big thing. It’s nice.

Sadly, Oliver ends his run as Detective Sergeant Totti on August 4 in Bury St. Edmunds, UK. However, he reassured readers that “more theatre will certainly be on the list” after his experience in The Case of the Frightened Lady. While he may not have been specific about his future, Oliver had some thoughts on what his character, George Weasley, would be up to now.

I think he would be running his joke shop (Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes), maybe even franchising. He’d definitely be an entrepreneur.

You can see Oliver in the cast of The Case of the Frightened Lady until August 4 at the Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds. There are limited tickets still available! Click here for more information.

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