Rumor: Has Construction Started on the Globus Mundi Travel Agency?

First, there was the sign. Then there was merchandise, followed by social media accounts, and now it seems that the Globus Mundi mystery will soon be revealed!

We know that it is not a ride and that everything about it is a complete secret, but it seems that we might finally have a location for the Globus Mundi Travel Agency in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida.

According to Orlando ParkStop, and one observant Twitter user, construction has started for the mysterious travel agency. It appears that work walls have gone up in front of the House-Elf Placement Agency and Dr. Filibuster’s storefronts, which face the Carkitt Market stage in Diagon Alley.



If this is indeed the construction of the new store, Orlando ParkStop speculates that the barn door section of the Dr. Filibuster’s façade will become a window into the travel agency and that the House-Elf Placement Agency is expected to be replaced or altered for the neighboring store.

Further supporting this theory, the article also references a previous rumor, which suggests that parts of Ollivanders will be renovated for the new Globus Mundi store:

We had heard word that one of the several rooms of Ollivanders has been completely gutted, and soon that room will be converted into the Globus Mundi travel agency, with an all-new entrance facing Carkitt Market.

The location mentioned in this rumor matches the area in which the work walls have gone up, but what (if anything) does this mean for Ollivanders? And what in Merlin’s name is Globus Mundi?

When speaking to a source earlier this year, MuggleNet found out that “it’s not just a store” and speculated on what this could mean. Apart from fantasizing about magical moving passport photos and Harry Potter-themed hotels, we don’t yet have any further clues on what the Globus Mundi store will hold.

Will it be a real travel agency that offers vacations to locations related to the wizarding world? Will it be an interactive experience of some kind? There is no sign of when the new store will open, but we can’t wait to find out!

What do you think this mysterious shop could be? Let us know in the comments!

Lucy O'Shea

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