Alfred Enoch Cast as Lead Character in Season 2 of BBC Drama “Trust Me”

Hogwarts alumnus Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) has been cast as Corporal James McKay in the second season of the BBC’s hit medical drama, Trust Me.

The first season of Trust Me saw actress Jodie Whittaker (BroadchurchDoctor Who) play the role of a fake doctor who resorts to lying to get herself out of tricky situations. Due to Whittaker’s casting in Doctor Who, however, the second season of Trust Me will feature a new cast of characters and a whole new premise.

Enoch’s character will replace Whittaker as the lead in what will be much more of a thriller-style show. Corporal McKay is a patient in a Glasgow hospital who is recovering from a spinal injury caused by shock enemy attack. Not only has the attack left him temporarily paralyzed, but he is also dealing with a number of psychological injuries as a result of the trauma. When other patients on the hospital ward die unexpectedly, McKay begins to search for the truth as to whether the threat to his life is real or imagined.

When speaking about his new role, Enoch revealed that he is excited to be involved in the more thrilling elements of the show:

It’s great to be on board; it’s a cracking cast and Dan [Sefton, creator and writer] has done a great job crafting something that’s really invested in the characters. It has a psychological concern that is dark and thrilling. I can’t wait to get started.

The first season of Trust Me was a big hit in the United Kingdom last year, with over six million viewers tuning in to watch. The show’s new cast and new storyline are sure to be just as popular, and we can’t wait to see Enoch take on the role of Corporal McKay when Trust Me airs on BBC One in 2019.

Lucy O'Shea

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