Lace Up Your Sneakers and Raise Money for “Potter” Nonprofits with the Potterhead Running Club

Get ready to walk, jog, or run for Potterhead Running Club’s second event of 2019! For this event, the Fanthropy Running Club has chosen to support three fellow Potter-inspired nonprofits with the brilliantly named “Slug Club Armchair to 5k.”

Once registered for this virtual 5K, participants can complete the distance whenever, wherever, and in any way that suits them. As well as earning a themed finisher’s medal featuring Professor Slughorn’s “armchairimagus,” participants will also be helping raise money for three Potter-friendly nonprofits, the Harry Potter Alliance, Transfiguring Adoption, and the Protego Foundation.



Each of these nonprofits uses the magic of Harry Potter to raise awareness of its cause. Transfiguring Adoption uses Harry Potter as a starting point to develop resources and tools to help foster and adopted children as well as their families. The Protego Foundation fights for animal rights in the Muggle world by drawing parallels with experiences of magical creatures in the wizarding world, and with a tagline that reads “turns fans into heroes,” the Harry Potter Alliance’s aim of turning fans into activists of positive change is clear.



Fans wanting to take part in the Slug Club Armchair to 5k must register before March 24. Registration costs $25 and includes a finisher’s medal, a custom sublimated ribbon, and a personalized digital bib. To find out more information and to register, click here.

Press Release

PHRC Launches Virtual Run to Support Three Fandom Charities
The "Slug Club Armchair to 5k" virtual event to benefit three non-profit groups inspired by the Harry Potter fandom

The PHRC "Slug Club Armchair to 5k" Virtual Run Event
GUILFORD, Conn. - Feb. 25, 2019 - PRLog -- The Potterhead Running Club (PHRC), one of the Fanthropy Running Clubs operated by Random Tuesday, Inc. has launched the "Slug Club Armchair to 5k" virtual run, a global participation fitness event that encourages fans of the magical world to complete a five kilometer distance in any location, where proceeds will support three charity partners: The Harry Potter Alliance; Transfiguring Adoption; and The Protego Foundation.

A virtual run, also known as a virtual race, is an event that can be run in any location, at any time, at any pace. Participants can walk, jog, or run; use the treadmill, hit the road, sidewalk, or trail; they will receive a finisher's medal, ribbon, and runner's bib for their donation.

Proceeds from all registrations will be distributed to the three charity partners to fund their efforts to improve the "muggle" world in ways inspired by their common love for the magical book and film series.

The Harry Potter Alliance seeks turn fans into activists for positive change, including programs aimed towards literacy.

Transfiguring Adoption develops HP-themed media, resources, and tools to nurture growth in foster and adoptive children and help foster parents as they handle the tough issues many foster children face.

Protego Foundation is inspired by the wizarding world to fight for animal rights in the real world. They want everyone to consider the rights, feelings, and treatment of all creatures…magical and non-magical.

Anyone interested in participating in the event can find complete details at or by seeking the Potterhead Running Club on social media.

Registration for the "Slug Club Armchair to 5k" event will be available through March 24, 2019.

Lucy O'Shea

I was given a copy of Philosopher's Stone in 2001, and instantly, I was hooked. Since then, my passion for Potter has been equaled only by my passion for fair access to education (and watching motorsport). A spell I wish could exist in the Muggle world is the summoning charm because this Hufflepuff is not a "particularly good finder"!