First Glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe as Tim Jenkin in “Escape from Pretoria”

As previously reported, filming is underway in Australia for Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie Escape from Pretoria. Now, we have our first glimpse of Daniel in character as Tim Jenkin.

Based on real events, Escape from Pretoria follows the story of two men, Tim Jenkin (Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee, and their escape from Pretoria Prison in South Africa in 1979. Both men were imprisoned for working on behalf of the African National Conference, a South African political party, and were imprisoned alongside other anti-apartheid campaigners, including Nelson Mandela.

Daniel was spotted on set in Adelaide, Australia, sporting a longer hairstyle, glasses, and 1970s-style clothes (including the ’70s wardrobe staple, flared pants!).



Escape from Pretoria was written and directed by Francis Annan and is based on Jenkin’s autobiography, Inside Out: Escape from Pretoria Prison. Filming started earlier this year, but Daniel’s name has been attached to the project since 2017.



Speaking in 2017, producer David Barron spoke about working on the movie, as well as working with Daniel and Annan:

Political without being polemical, ‘Escape [f]rom Pretoria’ is a rare combination of genre and drama, and I am delighted to bring together the potent combination of Daniel Radcliffe and Francis Annan on this astonishing true story.

There is no release date yet for Escape from Pretoria, but we can’t wait to see Dan in action in what is sure to be a thriller of a film.

Lucy O'Shea

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