Lights, Camera, Action! Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Direct Movies

He can act, he can sing, and he can dance, but Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he also wants to try his hand at directing movies!

Having worked as a casting director on his new show, Miracle Workers, and having already earned two producer creditsDaniel talked to StarLifestyle about his dreams of directing his first movie before the age of 40:

I think being on the other side made me feel an even bigger sense of respect for actors. I love acting and I love what we do. Seeing so many people come in and audition and do something so brilliant was really inspiring and wonderful.

I would like to start directing in my 30s and try to get at least one film made before I turn 40.

On the subject of future goals, Daniel also revealed that he would like to start a family in a few years:

And at some point, not immediately, but in a few years from now, I’ll probably be thinking about starting a family. So to get to my 40s and be a dad and have directed one film, I think I’d be very happy.

He then made sure to clarify that any of his future children will experience the world of Harry Potter by page first, before experiencing the magic on-screen:

I’ll make sure they read the book first before they start watching their dad in the films. I’d like to think they’ll watch the films when I’m older. Or there’s a chance that somebody would’ve remade the films by then and there’s a whole new Harry Potter to watch.

All joking aside, we’re not sure how we feel about a remake of our favorite film series!

Daniel also spoke about his newest TV show, Miracle Workers, in which he plays an angel named Craig who is tasked with saving humankind:

In our world, Heaven is a corporation that governs the Earth and God is our CEO who has become kind of lazy and disillusioned. It’s kind of about what it means to work in an office in a big company that has kind of got out of control. I also think there’s also a huge amount of love for humanity and I love that about it.

You can watch Daniel in Miracle Workers every Tuesday at 10:30/9:30 central on TBS. If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for the series, you can check it out below!


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