Harry Potter Film Concert Series Keeps Audiences Spellbound, Announces More Dates

The Harry Potter Film Concert Series has been going strong since it was first announced back in 2016. Multiple countries and continents later, the tour schedule continues.

From the official website of the concert series, it is apparent that the films now overlap, based on how many Harry Potter Film Concert Series concerts have been held in a given location. With “2.1 million fans [and] over 1,000 performances [in] 42 countries,” according to the site, it would be difficult to have every location around the world showing the same film in the same time period. (Those interested in attending a performance can filter the concerts by film, in fact.)

Some of the latest announcements include dates across the United States and Canada, as well as dates in countries such as Italy, the Philippines, and Thailand. Perhaps the largest announcement in recent months is that of a tour through the United Kingdom, which is scheduled to begin next month in Manchester. (More details on those dates are in a previous Events Roundup.)

If you’re still undecided about attending a performance of one of your favorite films for yourself, we’ve reviewed performances in multiple cities.

More information about CineConcerts, the producers, and the composers is also available.

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Have you been to any of the performances in the concert series? Tell us about it!

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