“Finding the Way Home” Release Date and Trailer Revealed

A documentary inspired by the work of J.K. Rowling’s charity, Lumos, is set to air on December 18 on HBO.

Narrated by Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander), Finding the Way Home follows the stories of six children who have “found their way to loving homes.” According to BroadwayWorld, the documentary takes a no-holds-barred look at the lives of those most affected by institutionalized life or human trafficking:

Sharing insights along the complex path these children have taken into different corners of an often corrupt world – from families who have been separated in Haiti to the social workers who have helped reunite them in Nepal to the dedicated foster parents who have taken in children with stigmatizing disabilities in Moldova and Bulgaria – the film takes a deeper look at the harsh realities of the eight-million [sic] children currently hidden away in orphanages and institutions.

Traveling the world from Brazil to India and from Nepal to Haiti, Finding the Way Home not only gives an insight into the conditions of institutional life but also sheds light on the work of charities like Lumos.

Following the stories of Maria, Diego, Isus, Bishnu, Cristina, and Livya, the documentary has a theme of hope and resilience, which can be seen in the trailer below.



Finding the Way Home airs on Wednesday, December 18 on HBO at 9 p.m., as well as on HBO NOW, HBO GO, and HBO On Demand. To read about the work of Lumos, check out the charity’s website.

Lucy O'Shea

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