Tom Felton Discusses Being Self-Partnered and His Hopes for a “Harry Potter” Reboot

Everyone’s favorite blond-haired Slytherin is taking a page out of Emma Watson‘s book when it comes to her recent relationship question. Tom Felton has recently stated that he also refers to himself as “self-partnered” just like his Harry Potter costar. Emma Watson was recently quoted in an interview with British Vogue:

I never believed the whole ‘I’m happy single spiel.’ I was like, ‘This is totally spiel.’ It took me a long time, but I’m very happy [being single]. I call it being self-partnered.

Watson has popularized the term “self-partnered” since her Vogue interview, and in essence, it means that a person isn’t looking for romantic relationships and is instead happy with themselves. Felton responded to Watson’s statement:

I like it! It’s the first I’ve heard of it, but it’s great. I’m in the same category, to be honest with you, quite happily self-partnered.

He then stated that he considered his one-year-old Labrador, named Willow, his partner, and we aren’t mad at him for that.


Tom Felton and Emma Watson Hanging Out

The two are great friends and spend a lot of time together.


Along with being happily single, Felton has also recently stated that he thinks the Harry Potter franchise will “definitely” be rebooted. Felton was quoted in an interview with the Daily Mail:

I don’t think Jo [Rowling] would want her [books] to be remade anytime soon, but I’m sure in 20 years when they’ve got 4D, scratch-and-sniff cinemas, or whatever, then they’ll want to do it all over again…

In the same interview, Tom Felton expressed his want to no longer be Draco but to level up and become Lucius Malfoy instead.

My hope is that when they do it I’ll be old enough to play Lucius! Give it another 15 years and I’ll come back and play Lucius. I would do it in a heartbeat.

If the franchise is indeed rebooted one day, we would love to see Tom Felton reprise a similar Malfoy role. Is it sad that even just thinking about him playing the role of Lucius makes us excited to possibly see it one day?