Emma Watson Hides Books to Celebrate Upcoming Release of “Little Women”

Emma Watson has teamed up with the Book Fairies to help hide 2,000 copies of Little Women, each containing a note from Watson, across 38 countries.

The Book Fairies is an online initiative that launched in 2017 to help book lovers share their favorite stories with other like-minded readers. Watson has teamed up with the group to help promote the upcoming adaptation of Little Women, in which she plays Meg March.

While book fairies in cities across the world were hiding copies of Little Women, Watson took to the streets of London to hide some copies herself.



One of the locations that Watson posted to her own Instagram showed the Houses of Parliament in the background.



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A short video on the Book Fairies’ global Instagram account showed Watson hiding several copies of Little Women at the Agatha Christie memorial near Covent Garden.



Keeping in the theme of “statues and sculptures that hold resonance with the story of Little Women,” Watson also hid some copies of the book at a suffragette sculpture and a statue of Crimean War nurse Mary Seacole.




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Book fairies love finding places that mean something. Today, Emma visited this statue of Mary Seacole at St Thomas’ Hospital in London to hide copies of Little Women as part of #LWBookFairies. Here’s a little about the statue and why it’s important: Mary Jane Seacole was a British-Jamaican business woman and nurse who set up the “British Hotel” behind the lines during the Crimean War. She described this as “a mess-table and comfortable quarters for sick and convalescent officers”, and provided succour for wounded servicemen on the battlefield. Sculptor Martin Jennings’ striking work is believed to be the first statue in the UK dedicated to a named black woman. #emmawatson #ibelieveinbookfairies #london #maryseacole #littlewomen

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Copies of Little Women are still being hidden by book fairies across the globe. Follow the hashtag #LWBookFairies to see where the books are being hidden. The list of countries taking part can be found below, along with country-specific Instagram accounts so that fans who want to take part can stay updated with the search in their country.

  • Australia – @bookfairies_aus
  • Austria – @bookfairies_austria
  • Belgium – @bookfairies_belgium
  • Bulgaria – @bookfairies_bulgaria
  • Canada – @bookfairies_canada
  • Colombia – @bookfairies_colombia
  • Denmark – @bookfairies_dk
  • England and Wales – @bookfairies_uk
  • France – @bookfairies_france
  • Germany – @bookfairiesgermany
  • Greece – @bookfairies_greece
  • Hong Kong – Instagram account coming soon
  • Hungary – @budapestbookfairy
  • India – @bookfairies_ind
  • Ireland – @bookfairiesireland
  • Italy – @bookfairies_italy
  • Kyrgyzstan – @bookfairies_kyrgyzstan
  • Lebanon – @bookfairies_lebanon
  • Luxembourg – @bookfairies_luxembourg
  • Malaysia – @bookfairies_malaysia
  • Mexico – @bookfairies_mexico
  • The Netherlands – @bookfairies_netherlands
  • New Zealand @bookfairies_newzealand
  • Northern Ireland – @bookfairies_ni
  • The Philippines – @bookfairies_philippines
  • Portugal – @bookfairies_portugal
  • Romania – @bookfairies_romania
  • Scotland – @bookfairies_scotland
  • Serbia – @bookfairies_serbia
  • Singapore – @bookfairies_singapore
  • Slovakia – @bookfairies_slovakia
  • Slovenia – @bookfairies_slovenia
  • South Africa – @bookfairiessouthafrica
  • Spain – @bookfairies_spain
  • Switzerland – @bookfairies_switzerland
  • Taiwan – Instagram account coming soon
  • The United States – @bookfairies_usa
    • States taking part: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming, as well as Washington, DC

Will you be on the hunt for one of the 2,000 copies of Little Women?

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