Universal Expanding Interactive Wand Technology?

For fans of the interactive wand experiences at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, things could be getting even more magical. According to the Orlando Business Journal, Universal Parks & Resorts has filed a new patent to refine the technology that is currently used for the interactive wands.

The patent is titled “System and Method for Tracking a Passive Wand and Actuating an Effect Based on a Detected Wand Path” and was published in late November, according to the publication. The Orlando Business Journal suggested that the patented technology will be used to help control traffic in the parks, given that Universal continues to create newer and larger rides.

The patent includes the following description:

The disclosed wand tracking system may be implemented with amusement park attractions including shows, restaurants, rides, shops and so forth. For example, an actuation tool in accordance with present embodiments includes a passive wand, which has no actively functioning components (e.g., no light[-]emitting diodes, gyroscopes, or radio frequency identification transmitter). This serves to keep the operational aspects of the wand a mystery, which is in keeping with a magical theme, and also makes the wand more economical. For example, the passive wand does not include electronics or require batteries, which adds intrigue with respect to its operation while, more practically, saving expenses associated with including electronic components and batteries. By employing the passive wand detection system as an attraction or along with an attraction in an amusement park, guests are incentivized to visit the amusement park and are further enabled to immerse themselves in the thematic experience provided by the amusement park.

The piece further speculated that the interactive wands could move beyond mere spell effects in the future, possibly in combination with the rides themselves. This would put Universal in greater competition with the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansions at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, which contain immersive theming.

What would you like to be able to do with an interactive wand?

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