Book a Magical Weekend Away at the Potters’ Family Home

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World who are looking for a magical short-stay vacation can now add Harry Potter’s childhood home to their list of potential destinations.

The house that served as the location of the Potters’ Godric’s Hollow home can now be found on Airbnb, a popular website for members of the public to book accommodations for short stays and weekends away.

As previously reported, the house that served as the location of the Potters’ Godric’s Hollow home is currently up for sale. Homeowners Jane and Anthony Ranzetta put their home up for sale in 2017, ten years after it became famous for its use as the Potter family home. However, they have yet to find a buyer for the property.

While the house remains on the market, fans can book short stays at the Potter family home in one of two rooms listed on Airbnb. De Vere House, as it is known in the muggle world, used to be a five-star bed and breakfast hotel. Now there are two rooms for prospective guests to choose from for their perfect short stay in the Suffolk village of Lavenham.



Room 1 features a queen bed and a private, ensuite bathroom, whereas Room 2 contains a double bed and a private, ensuite bathroom. Guests staying in either room have access to a private sitting room and courtyard area, as well as a private guest entrance.

Additionally, the bed and breakfast tradition of the De Vere House has continued, with breakfast served for Airbnb guests in the dining room of the main wing of the house until 11 a.m. Both rooms cost £150 per night (about $190) and can be booked for a minimum of two nights.

In addition to being a central part of wizarding world history, the De Vere House has also seen a lot of Muggle world history. The house itself was built in the 1500s and is a Grade I listed building, meaning that the heritage group Historic England has designated it a building of architectural or historic interest.

With its long history and significance to the Potter story, the De Vere House is sure to be a popular Airbnb location for wizards and Muggles alike.


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