Callum Turner Talks Career, Addiction, and His Upcoming Role in “Emma” in Recent Interviews

Callum Turner, who is known best around here as the intriguing Theseus Scamander in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, has been busy doing interviews recently. He talks about various subjects surrounding his personal life and his career, including details about his upcoming role as Frank Churchill in Emma.

Having acted in various films such as The CaptureFantastic Beasts, and now Emma, Turner certainly has a diverse set of roles under his belt. Concerning this, he states that he wants “to do it all.”

One thing that Turner admires about Autumn de Wilde’s direction of Emma is the way she has made it a “physical film.” He describes a scene when Turner’s character, Frank, has to carry Mia Goth’s character, Harriet. In between takes, Turner would actually bench press Goth in order to properly show the exertion of his character.

Physical exertion wasn’t the only training Turner had to endure, though – he also went through etiquette training.

It was very important – how to walk, how to hold a teacup. You definitely don’t use the pinkie; that’s a big no-no.

Turner took some time during his interview to address his battles with depression and addiction.

I was a big stoner. I used to smoke so much weed. I was dealing with a depression or a frustration and not having the understanding or the tools to deal with how I felt, so I self-medicated for too long.

After eight years of battling his addiction, he stopped because of his “determination to change and not miss [his] life.”

Although he works as an actor and is well known for his roles, Turner prefers to remain low profile.

I don’t go to events, and I don’t have Instagram. I have a pretty low-key life, and I enjoy that, but I also love acting.

We’re definitely looking forward to watching Callum Turner in Emma as well as seeing him in 2021 as a part of the third Fantastic Beasts film!

Hannah Howard

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