Catch Evanna Lynch in “Europeans: Dramas From a Divided Union” Series

Evanna Lynch stars in an episode of a web series from the Guardian that explores European countries and their relationship to the European Union.

Europeans: Dramas from a Divided Union is made up of seven episodes, each of which was written by a high-profile scriptwriter from either France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, or the United Kingdom. Lynch stars in Episode 7, titled “Donnú Bréige (Fake Tan),” which was written by Lisa McInerney.



Lynch plays a young Irish woman named Róisín, who has just broken up with her English boyfriend, Charlie. Speaking to the Guardian, McInerney revealed why she chose this scenario to be the focus of her script:

Any script on Ireland’s relationship to the EU has to be seen through the lens of Brexit, so that’s why I decided on framing my character as a young woman breaking up with her English boyfriend.

Europeans aims to explore the personal within the political. This can be seen in the dialogue in the “Donnú Bréige” episode, which parallels Ireland’s elevated status within the European Union.

The first episode in the series explores the political voice of France’s younger generations, while Episode 2 focuses on Poland and the impact of freedom of movement. British individualism is explored in Episode 3, and Spain’s relationship with emigration is the topic of Episode 4. Episode 5 focuses on Germany’s past and present place in Europe, whereas Episode 6 explores the Swedish political landscape.

You can watch Episode 7, starring Evanna Lynch, below.


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