Daniel Radcliffe Is on the Air: Talks His Current Movie and the Movies He Wants to Do

It seems that every time Dan does an interview, we learn something new about him and what he’s up to.

In a recent interview with Smooth Radio, Dan talked about his most recent movie, Escape from Pretoria. The film depicts Tim Jenkin, an anti-apartheid activist in the late 1970s. While incarcerated in the infamous Pretoria Central Prison, Jenkin decides to escape with other fellow prisoners. Dan often refers to Jenkin as “a genius” when describing the plot. In a separate interview with Variety, Dan goes into a little more detail about what it was like to portray such a real character. Dan was asked if he felt “a greater responsibility when you play a real person:

You do feel a real responsibility to do it justice. Not to sound pretentious and be everything I hate about actors, but it makes you want to suffer a bit more when you know there was actual real human pain involved in the story you are telling. You feel more of an obligation to try to understand what that was like.

As Dan continued the interview with Smooth Radio, the conversation turns from Escape from Pretoria to a theoretical movie. Dan lets listeners know the actor he would like to play him in a movie. You probably already know the answer. Of course, Elijah Wood is the only other person who could play Daniel Radcliffe instead of Dan himself.

Who would play me in a film? I have to say Elijah Wood. I’m contractually obliged to say Elijah Wood. That’s the thing – he’s older than me, but yeah, we get mistaken for each other a lot, and people think I was in Lord of the Rings a lot, and people – I think – think he was in Potter quite a bit.

As the interview moves on, we find out a little more about the movies Dan is interested in doing. While he has done biopics in the past, including Escape from Pretoria, Jungle, and Imperium, he hasn’t done a musical biographical movie yet. However, we know that Dan does have a wide range of talent and is usually up for an even wider range of movie genres.

I don’t think I’m a good enough singer to play either [Boy George or George Michael]. I would love to do some sort of music biopic. That’d be great fun. I would love to find some excuse to sing on film. That would be awesome. Anyone listening – write those scripts.

On the other hand, Dan does feel like he could participate in a film about the Beatles, specifically John Lennon. Dan pokes fun at himself in the interview by saying in order to look like the singing legend, he would have to grow his hair out to look like he did in the first Harry Potter film. He says he thought he looked like a “mini John Lennon” during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Can you see Dan rocking out as John Lennon? Or Elijah Wood as Daniel Radcliffe, for that matter?

You can check out the full video interview of Daniel Radcliffe on the Smooth Radio website.