Daniel Radcliffe Joins Former Stunt Double in New Podcast Series

In 2009, both the Potter family and the stunt community were shaken by the news of Harry Potter stunt double David Holmes’s life-changing injury. More than a decade later, Holmes is joined by his friend and former acting double Daniel Radcliffe in a new podcast, Cunning Stunts.

The podcast introduces listeners to members of the stunt-performing community in the United Kingdom, highlighting the work (and sometimes risks) that these performers and coordinators undertake to bring entertainment to audiences around the world. Holmes will be joined by Radcliffe for some of the interviews in the series, some of which were recorded in 2017.

The first episode features stunt performer and coordinator Derek Lea, who, like Holmes, worked on the Harry Potter films, as well as Titanic and Saving Private Ryan.



Radcliffe and Holmes first met on the Potter film set. Holmes was the main Harry stunt double for all eight films, and he and Radcliffe worked together until 2009 when an injury while setting up for a stunt for the final movie ended his career.

While preparing a stunt for the final film in the series, I suffered a spinal injury that had the effect of paralyzing me from the chest down and ending my career. In the decade since the accident, my love for stunts, the stunt-performing community, and movies has never wavered. So I’m starting this podcast to highlight and pay tribute to the amazing performers who make up the stunt community.

It’s clear from the introduction to the first episode that it’s not only Holmes’s passion for stunt performing that has stood the test of time but also his friendship with Radcliffe.

One quick note, the voice you will hear occasionally is Dan Radcliffe, one of my best friends and acting double on the Harry Potter films. He’s been sitting in on some of these interviews.

The first two episodes of Cunning Stunts are available to listen to now. You can listen to episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Podomatic.

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