“Fantastic Beasts” Stars Jude Law and Katherine Waterston Volunteer with SpareHand to Help with Coronavirus Crisis

Jude Law (Albus Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts) and Katherine Waterston (Tina Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts) have been hard at work with the nonprofit SpareHand. SpareHand has been making efforts to help with the coronavirus crisis in the United Kingdom, including its latest venture of delivering food crates to those in need.


Image of katherine Waterston and Jude Law carrying food crates from the non-profit SpareHand

Waterston and Law have been helping SpareHand deliver food crates to people who need them.


On SpareHand’s Instagram post with the photo of the two shown above, one person commented by saying that Waterston and Law are “heroes in the wizarding world and in the real world.”

SpareHand was created to help those whose need is greatest due to COVID-19 and the current pandemic. Since SpareHand is a relatively new organization, Waterston and Law’s participation has greatly helped with spreading awareness. Waterston has even been posting about SpareHand on her own social media, including the post below where she teased the participation of Jude Law. Waterston is new to Instagram, with her first post on May 1 of this year. It seems she is using her new social media channel to solely promote SpareHand since all her posts relate to the charity.



SpareHand operates through an app where volunteers can receive charitable tasks based on their location. You can check out SpareHand’s social media or its website to find out how it works and join in on opportunities to help near you!

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