Magic in the Muggle World: Tour for Muggles Releases New Podcast

One of the most exciting things about the Harry Potter movies is the secrets and the stories behind them. Whether it be binging cast interviews, watching behind-the-scenes footage, or even digging through MuggleNet pieces, we all love the thrill of discovering new fun facts about the wizarding world. For those lucky enough to live in London or visit the city for vacation, traveling to the various filming locations in person takes the experience to the next level. For the first time, international fans will finally get a chance to embark on a virtual tour of these iconic locations with the knowledgeable guides of Tour for Muggles!

Tour for Muggles is an award-winning tour company that takes tourists around London to see the many Muggle locations that inspired places in the wizarding world. With their lively voices, the tour guides pepper the tour with unique stories about these filming locations and fun facts about the Potter series. There is lots to uncover for both Muggles and wizards alike!

Due to the coronavirus crisis, Tour for Muggles is unable to conduct physical walking tours. However, this has not deterred the company from sharing its expertise online. Tour for Muggles has released a brand-new podcast, WANDerlust, which is available for listening on all major platforms. Will Hagrid, who is one of the guides, dramatically introduces the podcast on its debut episode:

The plan is, we’re going to be tour-guiding you digitally, using our expertise gleaned from walking around London and intensive research. We are going to be massively geeking out on every single one of the Harry Potter locations. We’re going chronologically through the books, starting at Privet Drive. We’re going through every one of them in turn in eye-watering, beautiful details. This means we can walk from our desks at home and you can travel in your mind. There’ll be drama, there’ll be excitement, there’ll be filming facts. It will be glorious!

Starting with the home where it all started, number four, Privet Drive, each episode delves into one location in the Harry Potter movies, looking at possible Muggle counterparts, insider information from interviews, and intriguing trivia about them.

Additionally, the team has created a new YouTube channel, Harry Potter and the Quarantined Tour Guides. It will reveal yet more quirky Potter facts, showcase magical-themed baking recipes, and divulge all the gory stories from the wizarding world.

Tour for Muggles’s exciting new podcast and YouTube channel will bring Potterheads of all ages a cauldron-sized dose of magical entertainment and escapism. They are sure to bring joy to fans’ currently mundane lives, and even the most well-versed fans will learn something new. Check them out today!

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