Social Media Roundup: Standing Up and Speaking Out

It’s time for another edition of MuggleNet’s Social Media Roundup. Over the past two weeks, there has been an outpouring of social media posts from stars of the Wizarding World who are standing up and speaking out for causes and issues, from the Black Lives Matter movement to the environment. We have captured some, but not all, of these posts below. There have also been birthdays to celebrate, updates on projects, and general life-in-lockdown posts to fill our timelines.

Please note that alumni responses to statements made by J.K. Rowling have been explored in a separate article.

Emma Watson has been actively posting on her social media accounts in support of Black Lives Matter. She has also been sharing the books, podcasts, and other media that have helped her understand systemic racism and white supremacy.



Katie Leung (Cho Chang) has been using her voice in support of Black Lives Matter. As well as being active on social media, she attended a protest in Hyde Park in London.



Also taking to the streets to protest was Anna Shaffer (Romilda Vane). She shared this image along with the caption “peaceful and powerful, we’ll scream ‘Black Lives Matter’ until they listen, until there’s justice.”



Oliver Phelps (George Weasley) used his Twitter account to show his support for Black Lives Matter.



And Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) has been encouraging his followers to continue their support for Black Lives Matter and to keep learning and listening to those around them.



Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) posted one of her drawings in support of the victims of the Grenfell Tower fires. Sunday, June 14 marks three years since 72 people were killed in the fire, which engulfed a tower block of flats in London.



As well as speaking out about racial injustice, Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch used their social media platforms in support of the environment.

Wright shared a video encouraging her followers to attend a digital rally in support of ocean protection.



She also promoted the need for intersectionality in approaches to activism by sharing an upcoming resource platform, Intersectional Environmentalist.



On World Environment Day, Evanna lynch encouraged her followers to take part in Million Dollar Vegan’s 30-day challenge.



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‘We cannot keep breeding, abusing, torturing, murdering animals by the trillions as if doing so will not have a set of consequences’. 💔 In honour of #WorldEnvironmentDay yesterday, please consider taking steps to go vegan! @milliondollarvegan have created a 31-day vegan challenge where they’ll send you recipes and educational emails every day for a month. Go to the link in my bio to sign up! 🌱 If I’ve learnt anything from this pandemic outbreak and the radical shifts happening in human consciousness, it’s that we have to take this moment to step up and be accountable for humanity’s mistakes, and one of the most urgent of those is factory farming. We can’t keep harvesting animals as commodities, cramming them into dark, filthy spaces for weeks on end, pumping them with antibiotics and NOT expect that the next pandemic is right around the corner. 🦠 I know everyone is feeling overwhelmed about social justice issues and like there is SO MUCH to learn (believe me, I feel it too) and veganism feels like a major lifestyle overhaul you don’t have the energy for right now, but I promise it is much easier than you think if you take it a day at a time and just try make conscious steps day by day! If you want to learn more about the link between pandemics and animal agriculture check out @milliondollarvegan’s website, @earthlinged’s recent podcast episodes or read Jonathan Safeon Foer’s recent NYT article. Stay safe and spangly, peeps! 😘 (hope this bloody igtv thing works for the 3rd time posting!!) #MillionDollarVegan #takepandemicsoffthemenu #veganism

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In addition to lending their voices to various causes, the stars of the Wizarding World have also been sharing updates about life in lockdown and projects that they have been involved in.

Katie Leung commemorated Anne Frank’s birthday by sharing an excerpt from Frank’s diary, which she read as part of the short stories project.



Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick) announced to his followers that his online collectibles and autograph store, the Signature Shop, is restocked and ready for business once again.



James Phelps (Fred Weasley) shared a post-walk photo of himself and his adorable bearded collie, Tonto.



Finally, Jason Isaacs celebrated his 57th birthday on June 4. Like many people, Isaacs found having a birthday during this time very strange, but he thanked his followers for their birthday wishes.



Isaacs also encouraged his followers to use their time and energy to support important causes and those in need during this time.



And that’s it for this edition of Social Media Roundup. Check back in two weeks’ time to see what your favorite stars of the Wizarding World have been up to.

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