Universal Studios Beijing Reveals More Details About Its Long-Awaited Opening

2020 might feel like the worst year ever, but it’s not all bad. As usual, some magic is there to save the day (in this case, the year), and it’s coming straight to Beijing, China. You might have heard that Universal Studios is opening a new theme park in the capital, and now things are finally coming together.

For most of us, it feels like COVID-19 has disrupted almost everything, but luckily, that is not entirely true. The new Universal resort, which is located in Beijing’s Tongzhou District, is still set to open right on time. One of the officials from the district’s management committee announced that trial operations are set to start as early as the first half of next year. Now that’s the kind of good news we all need!

Once the trial operation ends, the official opening date will be announced. Currently, the preparations for operations and construction are running hand in hand. This is to ensure that the resort will open as planned and excited visitors will be able to visit at the earliest possible date. The construction is expected to be finished by the end of this year. COVID-19 is definitely not putting a stop to the new resort’s opening plans, that much is clear.

The new resort will be home to various themed areas, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Those who live in the area can start saving up some Galleons to buy a well-deserved butterbeer and some magical candy from the shops in Hogsmeade. We can’t imagine a better way to combat the gloom of 2020.


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Marica Laing

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