Charity-Run “Harry Potter” Store in English Town Closes After Three Years

We love to combine our love of merch with helping good causes, be it via virtual fundraisers or charity shops. Therefore, we regret to report that the popular Harry Potter shop run by St Barnabas Hospice on the High Street of Lincoln, United Kingdom, will be replaced with a different merch concept starting this September. The charity reportedly has a “brand[-]new exciting new project” in store for shoppers, but it has not revealed much more about it just yet. If you are in the area, you can grab the final sale items, including prop replicas from the Harry Potter films, at discount prices in the next couple of days.


A small Harry Potter shop has a wall full of smaller collectible items, and there are crates and boxes and a Hogwarts sign.


Lincoln’s Harry Potter shop opened in 2017, and it will close its current phase as a wizarding merch spot at 3 p.m. BST on September 1. The team behind the local St Barnabas store will keep the doors closed for a day before revealing its new theme. Staff members have not been terribly specific about what will follow the Harry Potter items on their shelves, which are still available to purchase at prices up to 50% off, but they have told the local paper that the women of Lincoln will be especially happy with with the new plans.

St Barnabas needs over £11.5 million each year to deliver care and support, of which it must raise over £5.5 million through income-generating activities largely from fundraising within the local community, its retail shops, and Hospice Lottery. St Barnabas Hospice has 26 shops across Lincolnshire, 9 of which are in the town of Lincoln.


There is a shop wall full of cool Harry Potter items such as plates, signposts, and keychains.


This particular shop’s Harry Potter merch includes popular items from the wizarding world in the books and replicas of props seen in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies, such as wands, brooms, robes, collectibles, decorations, key chains, and everything you would expect to find in a Muggle shop catering to fans of the magical stories. Get your hands on the remaining items while you can. After all, it all goes to support the charity. It’s a win-win!


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