Wizolympics 2020: Expedition Wandless Day 9

Welcome back to another update from Expedition Wandless, Day 9, and boy, is it exciting! Hypatia Shilling-Shaw reporting, and positively tickled pink from the thrill of the last two days.



After Courtney Jenkins of Team Canada was injured with a mallet during mochi-making, she was not up for the origami task since her hand remains too swollen for the intricate folding. Her teammate who accidentally hit her, Jerald Desjardins, tried to redeem himself by taking on this task and succeeded in creating a patriotic moose.

The Americans completed their origami as well, creating a charming little frog, which they named Kermit after a character from a Muggle puppet show and took with them for their motorboat ride. Although they did quite well operating it, they actually stole the unattended boat to take for a spin in Tokyo Bay. They did return it to its rightful owners after their joyride, but the judges deducted 2 points for their antics and for not technically renting the boat.

Using a paper map as their guide after losing their cellular mapping device to Doppo the Demiguise, who has apparently become quite popular on the TikTok app, the Germans found themselves at the Yunessun spa resort in Hakone. After their stressful and tiring journey, they couldn’t resist taking a dip in the red wine bath. Having won the Galleon medal in Expedition Wandless in Rio in 2016, they decided they could afford to rest for a while and were still enjoying their alcoholic swim when we left them.

Speaking of alcohol, here’s some absolutely intoxicating news, a truly dramatic turn of events over on Team GB. Now, you might recall that I have been quite guilty of speculating about a spark between Femi Emezi and Carnation Willoughby-Myers. I also wondered about a potential love triangle when Dwight Reginald showed some interest in keeping Femi away from their female teammate, perhaps seeking her affection for himself. The team has been practicing its origami skills in order to present an appropriately complex design to the judges, but Reginald seemed to be having a bit of trouble. Using the lilac paper Willoughby-Myers chose in honor of Gilderoy Lockhart (“It’s his favorite color – he mentions that in Year with the Yeti), he kept unfolding and refolding some kind of flower (A carnation for Carnation? I wondered), until Emezi came over to help.

Reginald became so frustrated with himself that he announced he was giving up – but Emezi wasn’t having it and continued to encourage him, guiding Reginald’s hands with his own until, together, they folded an elegant rose. Willoughby-Myers watched, wide-eyed and nodding enthusiastically. Taking a deep breath, Femi held the rose out to Reginald with a sheepish grin, who accepted it. They stared at each other, both of their hands on the paper flower, until they simultaneously moved in for a kiss. Willoughby-Myers promptly burst into tears of joy and applauded, along with the judges, who awarded Team GB an additional 10 points for adorable romance.

I’m still giddy from this whirlwind! I knew I sensed romance in the air, but apparently, Emezi and Willoughby-Myers were spending all those whispered conversations discussing his feelings for their third teammate, and Reginald’s jealousy had come from an attraction to Emezi, not Willoughby-Myers. This is sport, readers! You never know what might happen! The folks back home are going to love this! That’s all for today’s magical update from the unpredictable event that is Expedition Wandless here at the 2020 Wizolympics.


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