The Magical Brew That Is Coffee: The Best Bistros for “Harry Potter” Fans

Coffeehouses and teahouses are wonderful additions to any town or city center. They are cozy and more often than not particularly tasteful in both style and product. The only way a coffee or tea shop could be more fun is if it were Harry Potter-themed. Oh, wait! There already are several coffee bistros that are around for those who enjoy a steaming cup of joe and the Harry Potter universe. We are going to give you the best reference guide to all the coffeehouses you should be visiting.

Grab your favorite mug, fill it with the most delicious beverage you can make, and let’s get started.

Nimbus Coffee in Los Angeles, California

Nimbus Coffee has been Los Angeles's hot spot for Harry Potter beverages since June 2018. The full menu gives you a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and libations. You can start off with the Basic Witch menu options and work your way up to the Adventurous Wizard items. If you like more mellow choices, you may enjoy the House Elf Brew, a basic latte, or even an Americano. The Adventurous Wizard, on the other hand, might prefer the Notorious Black drink, which is a charcoal rosemary latte. Notorious Black is the perfect dark beverage for your inner witch and the spooky season that's right around the corner!


Credit: Nimbus Coffee


You can check out more of Nimbus Coffee's menu on its website and Instagram page.

Georgian House Hotel in London, England

Nobody does tea quite like the British. If you fancy an afternoon of England's finer things, the Georgian House Hotel is the place you want to explore. Built in 1851, the hotel sits in the heart of London. That alone should make any witch or wizard from this fandom feel right at home. The Georgian House Hotel opened its Wizard Afternoon Tea luncheons as of September 4. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can indulge in a three-course afternoon tea service or make your own fizzy potions. The tea menu includes sandwiches, finger foods, tarts, scones, drinks, fruits, and desserts. There is also a full vegan menu for guests with alternative palates. On top of that, the hotel allows guests to choose if they wish to stay in its wizard-themed rooms. The rooms, of course, have everything your average witch or wizard could need, including fireplaces, cauldrons, comfy four-poster beds, and many more magical inclusions.


Credit: Geargian House Hotel


For reservations and more information, you can visit the Georgian House Hotel website.

Mandrakes in Ormskirk, England

Mandrakes in Ormskirk, England, definitely deserves to be on this list. For one thing, it's totally adorable. For another, its coffee bar menu is full of tasty Harry Potter-oriented drinks and treats. If you want something a little more entertaining from this coffeehouse, guests can enjoy afternoon tea. The menu for tea includes sandwiches, cookies, scones, and delicious, fruity desserts. Maybe you want some merchandise or souvenirs? Mandrakes has that too! You can purchase collectible wands, bags or purses, clothing, jewelry, and trinkets. The shop's website boasts 197 Harry Potter products, 7 stunning coffees, 18 scrumptious desserts, and 5 magical mandrakes.



You can make reservations for afternoon tea and see any other information on the Mandrakes website.

Bad Owl Coffee Roasters in Las Vegas, Nevada

Bad Owl Coffee Roasters puts a different spin on what it means to be a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop. While it has tones of the Potter world, it also follows a very hipster vibe. The most popular drink from the franchise is the ButterBrew. It's a creamy latte topped with sweet cream and cocoa powder. Other menu items include avocado toast, baked croissants, and waffles!


Credit: Bad Owl Coffee Roasters


You can view the whole menu on the shop website or Instagram.

The Coffee Mugg in Corpus Christi, Texas

Simply put, the Coffee Mugg makes brewing coffee look like real potion crafting. You may be very interested in purchasing the Salty Snitch, La Bruja, or the Honey Butter Brew. Another drink superfans will enjoy is the Granger Latte. It drips with caramel and looks exactly like something Hermione would drink at the Three Broomsticks on an October afternoon. Each one is more unique and frankly, prettier than the last. Harry Potter makes his mark all over this little coffee shop too. His legendary lightning bolt scar is the Coffee Mugg's logo. On the shop's Instagram, employees describe the place as a "'common room' where all [H]ouses can come together and hang out." That goal has certainly been achieved.


Credit: The Coffee Mug

Steamy Hallows in Kingston, Pennsylvania

Steamy Hallows has a knack for making simple coffee downright spooky! Harry Potter, as many know, is a perfect Halloween movie, so this coffee shop hit the nail right on the head. If you like a little sparkle in your day, you may be happy to hear that several of Steamy Hallows' beverages are topped with edible glitter. It's any witch's perfect fall drink. Since the cold season is coming in the next few weeks, guests should also try the pumpkin coffee. There isn't a student at Hogwarts who doesn't drink something with pumpkin in it at any given moment. Steamy Hallows also sells merchandise from its website. Check out all the products online and on the shop's Instagram page.

Starbucks Coffee Secret Menu Butterbeer Frappuccino

Starbucks Coffee is known for its ever-growing list of coffees and teas, but it's also got several unofficial secret menu items. While you might not be able to get to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to taste the famous butterbeer just yet, this secret menu drink will get you pretty close. The fan-made recipe has been hailed as a close second to the actual drink you can find at the theme parks. All you need to do is order the creme frappuccino and include a few add-ins and you're all set. For a grande size drink, ask the barista for caramel drizzle, whole milk, three pumps of caramel syrup, three pumps of toffee nut syrup, and a little extra of the caramel drizzle on top of the whipped cream. The result is a blended butterbeer beverage that will surely taste magical (and caramel-y).


We hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour of Harry Potter-themed coffee and tea shops! Do you have a favorite coffee or tea? Have you been to any of these magical places? Drop us a line and let us know.


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