Wands & Wizard Exploratorium to Open in London

The team behind one of London’s most magical bars, the Cauldron, will open a new magical experience this month in London.

Combining science, technology, and design, Wands & Wizard Exploratorium will feature interactive exhibitions across five floors. The Exploratorium is split into three sections, with the first section serving as a shop for visitors to buy educational products, do-it-yourself kits, candy, and ice cream. The gift shop will open to the public on September 25, with the rest of the Exploratorium opening in October.

The second section is the Magic Wand Experience, which is a theatrical workshop for guests to build and customize their own wands. The wands built in this section can be used throughout the Exploratorium and shop to bring different elements to life. Small group sizes, protection screens, face masks, and temperature checks are the safety measures that will be in place currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Magic Wand Experience costs £49.99 per ticket, which includes the cost of one wand and allows for one wandmaker and one accompanying guest to attend the workshop. Visitors can live their Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone fantasies when this experience opens on October 5.


An image showing the Magical Wand Experience at the Wands and Wizards Exploratorium.


The third section combines science and magic. The science museum-style exhibits allow visitors to use their wands to control certain elements and understand the real-life magic behind ideas such as levitation and spell-casting. The exhibits are spread across the Charmed Artifacts and Spell Casting floors.


A map of the Wands and Wizards Exploratorium, which opens in London in September.

Speaking to Insider about Wands & Wizard Exploratorium, cofounder Matthew Cortland explained why he wanted to combine magic and technology.

As a former high school teacher and department chair, I could not be more excited to be creating an exploratory experience for both kids and adults that celebrates STEM, literature, and imagination where we showcase how fantasy can be made real with today’s technology.

It’s why we founded the company and the passion that drives our team. In a COVID world, it’s more important than ever to provide safe, fun, and educational experiences to developing minds.

The use of interactive technology is perfect for the current climate since it means that there are fewer touchpoints throughout the Exploratorium. It will also be very cool to dispense candy with a wave of a wand in the shop!

General entry to the Exploratorium is free for those age 12 and under, £9.99 for students and teachers, and £19.99 for adults (age 18+). This cost includes the rental of a magic wand, but if visitors want to make their own wand to take home, they must purchase an additional ticket to the Magic Wand Experience. For the month of October, a mug of HallowCream special (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) and a pumpkin carving activity are also included in the price.

Wands & Wizard Exploratorium can be found at 26 Greek Street in Soho, London. The gift shop opens on September 25, with the rest of the Exploratorium and the Magical Wand Experience opening in October. Tickets can be prebooked for the experience on the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium website.


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