Family Seeking to Magically Transform Garden Shed into Hagrid’s Hut

With Potter-themed holiday cottages and Airbnbs offering magical places to take vacations, the next step is for fans to bring the wizarding world to their own homes, and one family is looking to do just that.

According to WalesOnline, a family in Kent, United Kingdom, is looking for an individual who is a wizard in interior design to turn a garden shed into their very own Hagrid’s hut for their daughter’s tenth birthday.

The family was devastated after their trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. After claiming back some of the money spent on the trip, a £10,000 budget has been set for this magical endeavor. With this budget, the family is hoping to cover the design work, props, labor, and any finishing touches that are needed to turn the shed into a gamekeeper’s sanctuary.

In an email to the website WhatShed, the family revealed that their daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan and aspiring writer, and is in need of somewhere peaceful (and magical!) to work on her projects. A spokesperson for WhatShed, Kate Fromings, shared their excitement about being asked to help the family find the perfect person to realize their Hagrid’s hut dream.

What an interesting concept for a shed! I feel like so many people forget the fact that they have the potential to have another gorgeous room on their property.

And for the theme? It’s a series that has touched the lives of so many, it’s no surprise that an aspiring young writer would also be a fan of Harry Potter. After correspondence with the family, it’s clear that this is a family who’s had a bit of a rough time, so I’m really hoping that we can play a part in helping them with their shed project.

The family is hoping for this project to be completed by January 2021, just in time for their daughter’s birthday. Witches and wizards who think they have what it takes should apply using the form on the WhatShed website as soon as possible.


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