Hogwarts Casts “Reparo” – UK Grants to Prevent Disrepair at Historical Sites

The effects of COVID-19 are continuing to be felt across the globe. The Culture Recovery Fund of the United Kingdom is attempting to secure the future of museums, galleries, and heritage sites – including Gloucester Cathedral, which served as parts of Hogwarts and appeared in multiple Harry Potter films. The relief grants from this organization will total more than £100,000,000 (around $129,203,500).

Around 455 organizations across England will be receiving these grants to aid in keeping the venues open, save jobs, and help with conservation works. Most of us are familiar with these places due to their popularity, such as Highclere Castle, which was the setting of Downton Abbey, and Wentworth Woodhouse, a South Yorkshire mansion that was used as Buckingham Palace in the Winston Churchill biopic Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman (Sirius Black).

The BBC reports that Gloucester Cathedral is set to receive £200,000 (around $258,407). This is a lot of Galleons that we hope can help preserve this magical and historic site. UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden understands the cultural significance these sites hold.

As a nation it is essential that we preserve our heritage and celebrate and learn from our past. This massive support package will protect our shared heritage for future generations, save jobs and help us prepare for a cultural bounceback post-Covid.

These grants will definitely help keep the spirit and heritage alive in the UK. Earlier in 2020, Gloucester Cathedral gave us the opportunity to virtually visit the site and feel like we’re traveling again. Did you visit any of these places virtually or in person? Let us know in the comments.


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Brittany Bennett

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