Tom Felton to Star in Female Archaeologist Biopic “Canyon Del Muerto”

Tom Felton will always be Draco Malfoy to Harry Potter fans, but now he’s taking on a new role in Canyon Del Muerto. This film is a historical biopic about Ann Axtell Morris, who is one of America’s first female archaeologists and codiscoverer of North America’s first civilization.

Tom will be joined by Abigail Lawrie (Tin Star, The Casual Vacancy) Val Kilmer (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Top Gun), and several other stars. Deadline reported that this film will be directed by Coerte Voorhees (The First Line) from a screenplay he created based on two novels Morris wrote from her accomplishments, Digging in Yucatan and Digging in the Southwest. Voorhees is excited to bring this inspirational story to the world.

Ann’s story has been with me since I was a high school student volunteer working at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History in Boulder. I want to introduce the story of this heroic and tragic, pioneering woman to audiences around the world because her story was so inspiring to me. We are honored to be working with Ann’s remaining family in addition to the Navajo Nation and National Park Service to retell her story that was lost to time.

We’re excited to see this film when it makes its debut. We love to see women being celebrated for their accomplishments, and having Tom be in the cast makes it even better. Will you be putting this film on your watch list when it’s out?


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