Universal Orlando Releases New Chocolate Frog Box Face Mask, London to Hogwarts Merchandise

With some theme parks open amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Orlando Resort is coming up with plenty of ways for visitors to protect themselves in style. Following our report from last month on a Bertie Bott’s face mask, we can now report that Universal has another sweet way to mask up.

This time, as WDW News Today has shown, there is a Chocolate Frog box face mask, in addition to one featuring Chocolate Frogs that was previously released.


In this image from WDW News Today, a shopper holds a face mask made to look like a box of Chocolate Frogs in the direction of the camera.

This image from WDW News Today shows the new Chocolate Frog box face mask at Universal Orlando Resort. (Credit: WDW News Today)


Other new merchandise offerings at Universal Orlando Resort, per WDW News Today, include a whole collection of London to Hogwarts merchandise, themed after the Hogwarts Express tickets from the Harry Potter films. That collection also includes a face mask.

Finally, if you are planning your own journey to Universal Orlando Resort this holiday season, WDW News Today also has some updates on the parks’ decorations. As we at MuggleNet previously reported, Universal Orlando will be decked out for the holidays again.

Have you visited Universal Orlando Resort since it reopened? What are your thoughts on this new merchandise? Let us know in the comments below!


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