Bird Sanctuary Discourages Owl Pet Ownership

You may find yourself a Harry Potter fan in every sense and impractically in search of a magical companion to have by your side. You may want a cat, such as the ugly but intuitive Crookshanks, or a toad like Trevor to carry around in your pocket. Of course, everyone has thought about an owl as being the most ideal pet in the wizarding world, but in the Muggle world, domesticating owls is never a good idea.

Owls are traditionally wild animals, and forcing them in cages, without the proper knowledge of how to care for them, can be detrimental to their health.

The Sunday Post reported that four of the beautiful nocturnal creatures that were recently rescued by a bird sanctuary, Bird Gardens Scotland, were all left in very poor conditions by previous owners. Two barn owls and two snowy owls were kept in various kinds of small crates. The female barn owl is now, consequently, permanently blind. Owen Joiner, the director of the sanctuary, commented on the case:

Their owners obviously wanted Harry Potter owls but did not appreciate the birds are wild animals and need to thrive on good diets they find in the wild and need plenty of room to fly. They are wild animals that have specific needs, which we can cater for.

Simply put, owls are not meant to be pets.

The chief superintendent of the Scottish SPCA, Mike Flynn, reiterated that caring for any pet is a huge commitment.

Deciding to give an animal a home is a serious commitment. No one should take on any animal without an awareness and proper understanding of their care needs, regardless of being fans of Harry Potter.

So if you find yourself wanting to get an owl for a pet, you can adopt a magical creature instead by making a small monthly donation to protect them in their natural habitat with the Protego Foundation. This is a great alternative that benefits animals in need of assistance and care.

If you do have the resources to take care of a domesticated animal, you can always adopt a cuddly cat with a squished face and name him Crookshanks or a lovable black Labrador Retriever and name him Sirius.


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