“Harry Potter” Fan Makes Marauder’s Map Come to Life with Mobile Augmented Reality Technology

It’s hardly a secret that Harry Potter fans are seriously creative, and many Harry Potter fans have found fascinating ways to combine technology with all sorts of things inspired by the series. While Universal Parks & Resorts itself has filed patents involving augmented reality (AR) technology, we’ve never seen the Marauder’s Map brought to life quite like this before!

Lucas Rizzotto – a self-described “mad scientist” and content creator known for his YouTube channel, Lucas Builds the Future – uploaded a video about his Marauder’s Map innovation on December 11.



To improve his experience, Rizzotto rented a castle in England for three weeks for the project. (He then used the castle as the basis for the map itself.) While that level of dedication might not be accessible to everyone, Rizzotto’s video establishes his process from start to finish.

UploadVR clarified that the movement information isn’t shown outside of a mobile device, and the article also highlights why Rizzotto chose to use AR on a mobile device instead of a headset.

Some people might ask why Rizzotto chose to use mobile AR over an actual headset, which he briefly explains in the video. The main reason is because a modern AR headset wouldn’t be able to display black lines on top of the parchment — AR headsets have transparent displays that use light to create color, and there’s no way to create the color black out of light. On a phone screen, the black lines can be properly displayed in AR and therefore retain the authentic style of the map from the movie.

Rizzotto has also teased his creation of a real-life Deluminator.

Have you made anything inspired by the Wizarding World franchise? Would you use your own Marauder’s Map? Tell us in the comments below!


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