You Could Soon “Fly” to Work on this Magical Broomstick Scooter

Let’s be honest for a moment: Most of us probably dream of experiencing a little bit of the magic from Harry Potter on a daily basis. People have gotten creative with bringing little pieces of the wizarding world into the Muggle realm – Quidditch, for instance, has been modified so Muggles can play it, and we all like to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in our Hogwarts robes, because what’s better than feeling like you’re actually at Hogwarts? For those who were nodding in agreement to the above statements, you’re going to be very excited to hear that there is a brand-new invention that will allow you to feel like you’re actually living in Harry’s world, and it comes in the form of an almost-flying broomstick. Brace yourselves…

Imagine you’re driving down a busy highway, dreaming of better days while cars honk around you, when all of a sudden, two guys on brooms zip past you. You snap out of your daydream and stick your head out the window to get a better view. Your eyes do not deceive you – they really are on brooms, and it almost looks like they’re flying. Your immediate urge is to jump out of the car and ask them where you can get one of your own. This is the sight that greeted commuters in São Paulo, Brazil, when Vinicius Sanctus and Alessandro Russo took their broomstick scooters for a test-drive through the busy streets. This amazing – dare we say it, magical – invention is a great form of transportation and might just be what Muggles need to finally play Quidditch in a much more realistic way.

This scooter is truly unlike anything you’ve seen before. It consists of a single motorized wheel to which a broomstick is attached. You sit on the broomstick the way wizards would in a Quidditch game, and much like they steer their brooms, you would steer this scooter – you simply lean in the direction you want to go, and the scooter will oblige.

If this sounds like it could be tricky, it is, but Sanctus and Russo explain that all it takes is a little bit of practice, and technically, you won’t be flying several feet above the ground, so the chances of you ending up like Neville hanging from a statue after falling from your broom are quite slim.

The best part about the broomstick scooter, as it is referred to for the time being, is that it is an eco-friendly way of traveling and can reach a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour (about 37 miles per hour). If you’re wondering what it’s like getting to drive one of these, Sanctus summed it up pretty perfectly:

It is a freeing feeling. It feels like you are actually flying. You glide through the streets. It requires balance, but once you get it, the feeling is amazing.

Russo is living the life every Harry Potter fan dreams of and actually uses his broomstick scooter to go to work in style. It sounds like a pretty exciting way to travel to your daily job. It’s way better than having to flush yourself down a toilet, that’s for sure.

We know you probably have a million questions, one of which is where you can buy this invention. Sadly, the broomstick scooter is not yet for sale to the public, but according to Sanctus and Russo, it will be very soon. They are planning on taking it to the market in the near future and hope that, aside from it being used for traveling in an eco-friendly way, the scooter will blow new life into Muggle quidditch. We wholeheartedly agree – this scooter would definitely make the game even more exciting. Now all we need is actual flying balls with a will of their own, and we’re good to go.

This invention is set to sell for around $740 each, so you might want to start saving up on those Galleons so you can grab one when they launch. You can have a look at Sanctus and Russo showing off the scooter in the video below.




What do you think of this new invention? Will you use it as a form of transportation? Tell us in the comments.


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