The Amazon Prime Movies You Should Be Watching Based on Your Hogwarts House

Are you looking for a new film to watch and scrolling through Amazon Prime endlessly, not sure where to start? Well, turn to the Hogwarts Sorting Hat to help you decide. We have compiled a list of films you should watch based on your Hogwarts House.




Palm Springs
Palm Springs is one of Amazon Prime’s newest films. It is fun and comedic, and you need some serious bravery to do some of the things these two protagonists get up to. That’s why it’s a film for a Gryffindor.


The Aeronauts
This film is pure Gryffindor: Only a true lion would go to extreme lengths to do research. The two protagonists flew higher than any other person, battling nature, and lived to tell the tale. Remind you of any Gryffindors? Also, it has Eddie Redmayne as one of the leads.



Troop Zero
This film is all about friendship and proving that it doesn’t matter who you are – friendship and trust can beat everyone. This film values everything a Hufflepuffle stands for: loyalty, hard work, and proving that an underdog can still come out on top.


The Upside
This is a charming film to watch and one a Puff will fall in love with. The two main characters are from two different worlds but end up forming a lasting friendship and help each other in ways they never expected.



It is scary how real this film feels in terms of the advancements in technology. Ultimately, this film is a romantic comedy and could be classified as a movie for a Puff, but I believe a Ravenclaw would love this film due to the wit and sarcasm of the AI.


The Report
The protagonist does anything in his power to uncover the truth about what the CIA is hiding. It is a film a Ravenclaw would be proud of since it represents using intelligence and wit to fight for justice in a corrupted system.



A secret identity, someone keeping herself alive, a double agent, a twist and turn every couple of minutes, never knowing who the protagonist is working for… If this doesn’t scream Slytherin, I don’t know what does. It’s a perfect film for a snake; as we all know, not all snakes are evil and can be good. They are just very cunning and resourceful, which is displayed in this film.


Knives Out
Well, this film is pure Slytherin and reminds me of the board game Clue. The film takes you on a thrilling ride to uncover the truth of the murder. You never know who to trust, and the murderer is just as cunning and resourceful as any Slytherin.


What Amazon Prime movies do you think fit people’s Hogwarts Houses? Check out a free trial of Amazon Prime here


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