Germany Might Host Next Qeurovision

Last year, the first season of Qeurovision was held, and it might happen again this year. Recently, Qeurovision posted on its Facebook page about bidding for the next season.



Qeurovision was created as Eurovision with Muggle quidditch songs. Every song that is created for Qeurovision has to be about quidditch or any part of it. Last year, 15 countries competed with their own original or parody songs. Nine of them were later uploaded to YouTube and are now part of the unofficial Qeurovision playlist.



There are questions about who will host the next season. Cindy Callens and Joke Daems, who were the hosts last year, won’t be part of the next Qeurovision, but Laurens Grinwis Plaat Stultjes, who was responsible for technical parts of the livestream last year, is ready to help the organizers of the next season.

According to the traditions of the original contest, Eurovision, last year’s winner should organize the next season. That would be Deutscher Quidditchbund, the German national governing body.

Deutscher Quidditchbund hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but one of its staff members, Barbara Merian, commented on the Qeurovision post in the Facebook group Quidditch Europe.

The DQB is up for this! If you want to help out, get in touch with me ( 👋
Also please feel free to challenge more people into doing some work 😎💃


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.